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Mother’s Day In Lakewood – Lead by Example! Make Your Reservation Now!

By March 26, 2019Camps2

I am thankful that I can sit here and write about my mom being a “STRONG” mom!

She did her best to encourage her children to make mistakes and grow, try new things, and to do good things for others. I watched her set goals and achieve them. I saw her get knocked down and then get right back up. And looking back it is now obvious to me how much she was doing for others as well. I know she took care of us but I also saw her take care of other relatives and friends when they needed it. I saw her help those that couldnt help themselves.

And now all these years later, I have the privilege of helping others as well. I have met so many moms (and dads) who put their daughters in self-defense classes because they want the young girls to know that they can be strong, defend themselves, and that when they say NO it MEANS NO! This is a great thing, I did the same for my kids.

With that said, moms have so much power to lead by example! I know a mom’s life is a busy one, but there needs to be time to pass along those life lessons to our kids. This is the main reason to encourage moms to enter into some type of martial arts training. Even doing cardio kickboxing classes passes along the need to make healthy lifestyle choices to our young daughters. What a great way to show our daughters that women can protect themselves, be empowered, and have the strength to persevere!

With Mother’s day being right around the corner, I was thinking that May should be Mother’s Month. So we have decided invite our local moms to come in start some cardio kickboxing classes and self-defense classes. That’s unlimited training/classes for the month of May for only $29!! If you are a mom living in Lakewood or surrounding areas, give us a call to make a reservation and we’ll see you on the mats!



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